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Master of Motels How to Make the Most of Your Motel Stay Like a Boss

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Call what you will – bougie, ghetto fabulous, etc. – but comfort doesn’t have to be attached to the amount of money in your bank account. You can still live it up in the lap of luxury on your beer budget while enjoying your taste for champagne – and you can do it without blowing your budget and feeling like a total tool afterwards.

Although motels tend to be less expensive than hotel stays, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort just because you’re not coughing up the big bucks. After all, staying in motels frees up a ton of room in your travel budget for cool stuff like visiting museums, outdoor activities such as biking or even zip lining, and chomping on eats at the best restaurants in town.

While your staying at

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The history of aviation

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It’s certainly been a long century and a half. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, humans have been attempting to perfect all different types of flight. We didn’t always live in a world where you could charter a private jet or get a gulfstream private flight, after all. Most types of flights weren’t even affordable to most people until the mid 1970’s. Before that, flying was an event for the wealthy and the privileged. It’s still expensive nowadays, of course, but it’s much more accessible to a much larger segment of the population. So how did we get to where we are now? How did we go from a mostly land based species to a people who are basically able to fly through the air like birds? Well, it’s been a long strange trip. Everyone knows the

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

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You love this time of year.
The social media posts of your friends and relatives are full of pictures of graduation ceremonies, parties, and festivities. And as soon as the graduation parties end, the photos of summer trips and vacations begin. You watch college graduates leave for trips to Europe, high school students traveling across the country to make their first visits to college campuses, and you watch as families begin their summer trips to locations both near and far. And while you are envious of many of the place where your friends and family are going, you are also pretty excited about the summer destinations that you and your sisters will visit.
After trips out of the country and travels across the states, this year you and your two sisters have something different planned. You have d

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The Benefits of Motorcoach Travel

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For a family of four, a trip across the country may prove daunting. Long car rides with little leg space, cramped seating with little ability to move around, feeling all the bumps and potholes in the road, all put a strain on the passengers’ bodies.

Because of these challenges, and the cost and time required to drive oneself across the country, some travelers in America are turning to an age-old method of travel that combines comfort with enjoyment; the possibility of enjoying the locales and scenery of the country while avoiding the hassle of traveling through it and the stress of driving.

Forms of motorcoaches have been around since the early 1800s, when horse-drawn motorcoaches would move people from place to place and city to city. Today, motorcoaches account for more than 750 million trips an

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