4 Tips for Camping With Kids

Silver lake state park campground

Camping with kids can be tricky. There’s so much to keep track of and plan for, plus trying to make sure your family has a great time and enjoys the outdoors. Family camping vacations have become a popular choice for American families due to their affordability and the need to ‘disconnect’ from a society that is becoming increasingly more connected. In 2011 alone campers spent a total of 534 million days at campgrounds. Read on for some tips to streamline your family camping trip.

  • Consider your campground carefully.
    Tent camping is the most popular choice among campers- over 85% of campers choose this option. Are you ready to rough it completely without running water or would you like something with toilets and showers available? Will you be bringing bikes or hiking on foot, which will affect the kinds of paths you’re looking for? Looking for campgrounds that are near a town will ease a lot of strain if you forget something.
  • Keep the kids involved.
    Let your kids help you choose the campsite, the menu, the spot for the tent, or what goes in their bags. Enlisting their help to set up camp makes the arrival process fun for everyone.
  • Make meals easy.
    Do as much food prep as possible before leaving home. You can make pancake mix in a repurposed jug, chop vegetables, and make marinades for meat at home. Consider anything you can cook on a long fork to encourage participation, like hot dogs or sausage. You can also make “hobo meals” in aluminum foil that cook among the coals of the campfire and eliminate dishes or pans.
  • Set boundaries.
    Hiking is the most popular camping activity, with over 90% of campers choosing this activity. Use natural landmarks around your campground site so that the kids don’t wander too far on their own.

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