Air Travel as it was Meant to be Private Jet Charters Offer Convenience and Comfort

Jet private charter

Business travel increasingly involves flying, to destinations around the country and around the world. Even flying business class, travelers have to deal with the hassles of getting to the airport through rush hour traffic, clearing security, and long layovers. Commercial airline schedules are not planned with the convenience of travelers in mind. Private jet charters can change all of that, with flexible schedules, flights out of smaller airports, and VIP service on board so that you arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Charter jet services are safe and convenient
With more than 2,100 air charter operators nationwide, you can be sure to find one that operates in your area. Jet charter services are also a very safe mode of transportation, since charter jet companies are required to have a Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well as Operations Specifications that contain company names, authorizations and limitations.

Advantages of private jet charters
In almost every respect, aircraft charter services do better than commercial airlines. With private jet charters, you can arrange for your flights to suit your schedule. Flying out of smaller airports, many of which are not open to commercial flights, mean less traffic on the way and less hassle at the airport when boarding your plane. Consider the following advantages of private jet charters:

  • Flexible schedule
    Charter aircraft services can fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports across the country. That’s more than a hundred times the number of airports accessed by commercial flights, and it means that private jet charters can put you down on the ground a lot closer to your destination than commercial airlines.
    About half, or 47%, of all business aircraft flights touch down on airports that have infrequent or no scheduled commercial airline service; and about one-third, of 33%, of private jet charter flights are into a secondary airport.
  • Skip the slow and crowded airports
    Flying in and out of smaller airports means less traffic to deal with on the way to and from the airport. Flexible flight schedules can be built around your convenience and work commitments. And best of all, with private charter flights, you don’t have to deal with crowded airport terminals and the lines of stressed out travelers at security and the boarding gates.
  • VIP customer service
    Private jet flights are all about comfort. Airline food is the subject of countless well-deserved bad jokes, but on charter flights, you can request food and drink of your choice. One of the major side-effects of frequent air travel is the unhealthy diet it forces on travelers. With private jet charters, you get good food, plenty of leg room, onboard wifi and entertainment if you want. What’s missing? The irritating neighbors, crying babies and cramped seats. You might not even miss them.
  • Privacy and comfort
    Private jet services are so comfortable that travelers actually rate themselves as 20% more productive on board company aircraft than they are in the office. Meanwhile, their less fortunate counterparts flying on commercial airlines report a 40% drop in productivity. Passengers on business aircraft typically spend their time on business meetings with colleagues or doing individual tasks. There’s also room for relaxation, for reading quietly or sleeping.

With all these advantages, private jet charters are the choice of experienced and discerning travelers.

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