Airport, Commuter Rail And Charter Bus Rentals Which Option Should You Choose When Traveling?

Charter bus rentals

Everyone needs to travel. Some regularly visit the airport for business meetings, others seek out the local taxi in order to go to work. Whichever your favorite method of moving across the country, you’re always going to be on the look for affordable and effective ways of going back and forth. Charter bus rentals are only continuing to boom in popularity for their environmentally supportive model, affordable pricing and comfortable traveling options. If you haven’t used motorcoaches before or want to learn more about the choices available to you, continue reading below.

History Of Transport

Transportation has gone through multiple technological breakthroughs over the decades. Horse drawn buses were in use as early as the 1800’s, with regular intercity bus services were pioneered through steampower in England a few decades later. While many car manufacturers have been focusing on more environmentally friendly car models, charter bus transportation achieves multiple benefits in one fell swoop. Motorcoaches account for nearly 750 million passenger trips taken every year, moving more groups of people in some years than even the most popular commercial airlines.

Reducing Strain On The Environment

Eco-friendly transportation models are becoming more and more needed as the cost of gas rises and budgets struggle to catch up. Motorcoaches have been found to be three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output compared to commuter rail as well as six times more effective than transit buses. Motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile, as well, and effectively remove dozens of individual vehicles off the open road in favor of a comfortable and reliable trip. Less physical congestion and smog build-up means a cleaner and happier environment for everyone around.

Supporting Small Businesses

Businesses come in many different shapes and sizes. The motorcoach indutsry is predominantly made up of small businesses, totaling more than 3,400 across the country. Each single dollar invested in new motorcoaches generates an additional dollar and a half of spending throughout multiple sectors of the economy, totaling to $1 billion in tour and travel annually. Not only are you supporting your local businesses, you are ensuring that thousands of people are able to work comfortably year after year.

Flexible And Reliable

Whether you’re a student or an entrepreneur, charter bus rentals are flexible enough to deliver the transportation experience you deserve. Students and seniors alike accounted for at least half of all passenger trips provided by charter bus rentals back in 2012, with adults and young adults comprising the other half. Motorcoach traveler and tourist demand generates more than $55 billion in economic transactions every year. The majority of long-distance trips have also been taken by families and individuals, making charter bus rentals one of the most flexible options available. If you want to save money and still travel comfortably on a bus, seek out motorcoach companies.

Choosing The Best Transportation Method

When you have bills to pay and a career to support, saving money is often first and foremost in your mind. For more than 14 million U.S. residents, motorcoaches are often the only available mode of public transportation when air and commuter rail are too expensive. There are five times as many motorcoach terminals nationwide compared to airports, with another study showing six times as many bus terminals compared to intercity rail. Motorcoaches offer you the freedom to study and work while you travel, all while saving you money and supporting the environment. Consider bus charter rentals next time you need to get out on the open road.

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