An Ocean View Or Pet-Friendly Rooms? The Top Five Accommodations Travelers Want Out Of Their Inn

Hotels and inns are all muscling for attention. Why wouldn’t they be, when so many travelers are coming out of the woodwork lately?

Traveling has never been more appealing than in the digital age. It’s easy to share evidence of your trip on social media and more transportation companies than ever are offering package deals. When you search for a place to stay on your trip you’re no doubt focused on accommodations — the little details that will mean the difference between a good trip and a great one. The finest luxury hotels might be perfect for your wedding…but quaint, Mendocino cottages might be better for a honeymoon. That’s not to mention coast hotels for the whole family!

What sort of accommodations should you keep in mind when browsing online? Here are five of the most requested today.

A Convenient Location For Walking And Shopping

This one may be common, but it’s not hard to see why. Popular hotel accommodations should always start with a location that’s conducive to your plans. Do you want to do a lot of browsing and shopping on your trip? Do you prefer to walk to places instead of calling for a ride? A recent study found more than seven out of 10 couples who travel together state talking and reconnecting is a very important part of their trip — double-check those inn reviews and make sure it’s close to a plaza or downtown strip.

Hotels With An Ocean View Are The Backdrop You Need

Location, location, location! Not only should you have a place that’s convenient for shopping, you should also be soaking in the beauty of the town or city you’re visiting. Lodging options that include lovely views of the ocean or mountains will go a long way to pull you away from the humdrum workweek. It’s estimated over one and a half million American newlyweds travel for their honeymoon every year, according to recent studies, and the average honeymoon lasts between seven to nine days. Why not enjoy the view?

Allergen Free Rooms Can Make All The Difference

Travelers with chemical sensitivities and allergies, listen up. Many hotels and inns today offer complex packages that include smart locations, delicious food, and handy amenities. It’s also becoming popular to provide allergen-free rooms to keep you feeling your best. Domestic travel throughout the United States increased by nearly 3% in 2017, totaling a stunning two and a half billion personal trips. Allergen free rooms are not just clean, but stress fewer chemicals and simpler materials…perfect for a stress-free vacation!

Pet Friendly Hotels Will Bring The Family Together

Do you constantly worry about taking your dog or cat somewhere safe during your trip? Put those concerns to rest by signing up with a hotel that has pet accommodations. Hotels and inns come in so many shapes and sizes you can’t hope to count them all. Lodging options can include a cottage with private yards and they can offer the most delectable in fine dining. When you just want to bring your furry friend along for the ride, a simple request for a pet-friendly room will go a long way.

Easy Access To Cooking Your Own Meals

Last, but most certainly not least, you have the ability to cook your own meals as part of the vacation package. While this may sound specific, it’s a rather common request. A recent study found 70% of travelers with children stating access to cook their own meals is a major reason they chose a vacation rental. There’s nothing saying you can’t try some local delicacies or visit a nearby food truck. Cooking your own meals in a new place, though, can be its own type of adventure.

There are quite a few hotels, inns, and cottages out there. Choose the right one for you by creating an accommodations checklist that brings out the best in your vacation!

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