Church Youth Groups Often Travel by Charter Bus to Work Camps and National Conventions

From reading the scriptures to ushering and collecting offering to serving communion and the church youth served in all three of the Sunday morning services. Just four day after the group returned from the National Youth Gathering in Houston, the service was a way to say thank you to the congregation that helped cover the cost of the charter bus for rent. Less than a week later many of the same high schoolers will leave for a week long service work trip in north eastern Missouri. Again, the group will be traveling by on charter bus rentals.
Obviously, there are less expensive ways to travel, but the church realized years ago that by hiring a charter bus for rent, the traveling is more comfortable and relaxing. The fact that both the high school students and sponsors are working really long days and are away from home for five to six nights means that it is important to let everyone have plenty of space for the long hours on the road.

In addition to comfortable traveling space, charter buses also provide plenty of storage room for luggage as well other needed equipment. By traveling with the same charter bus company year after year, the church has also built a relationship with two or three drivers who have become a part of the youth group that travels every summer.

Charter Bus Travel Is a Great Option for Many Groups

The decision to travel comfortably on a charter bus is a good decision when it comes to going places with a large group. From schools, to sports teams, to high school bands, a charter bus is the perfect solution. With a professional driver who understands the area and the routes, groups can avoid the need to spend time looking for parking, and can instead be dropped off at the curb.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the charter bus industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • Seniors and students accounted for 50.2% of the passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry in the year 2012.
  • Motorcoaches account for 751 million passenger trips taken every year.
  • In addition to being comfortable, charter buses are also environmentally friendly. In fact, motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile when they are compared to other forms of transportation.
  • Each full motorcoach has the potential of removing as many as 55 autos from the highway, reducing congestion and emissions, as well as cutting energy use.
  • Charter bus travel is convenient because there are five times as many motorcoach terminals across the nation as there are airports, and six times as many bus terminals as there are intercity rail terminals
  • Motorcoach travelers and tourist demands generate more than $55 billion a year in economic transactions.

Although this is a travel expense that is greater than some other options, many groups decide that finding a charter bus for rent is the most comfortable and convenient choice.

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