Completing an E-Commerce Fulfillment – This Week Magazine

It’s a big business to shop. However, many don’t know what it takes in order to bring the items out of your shopping cart delivered to your door. This video provides an explanation of the process behind the scenes of fulfillment for e-commerce.

This procedure begins after the customer presses that “buy immediately” button. The data sent to the software for managing orders of the dealer is immediately transmitted. Once this information is processed, it’s sent into the system for warehouse administration, that will analyze the exact location of the merchandise in the warehouse, its shipping requirements and packing guidelines.

The information is then sent to the warehouse where the pick team goes through the inventory to get the ordered items. Then, the parcel gets shipped to the packaging station. The station is where a worker at the packing station places the package in the box and adds any extra services like gift wrapping. Then, they double-check the accuracy of the order.

When the purchase has been taken to the dock for shipping to be approved, the order is delivered back to you. Then, the parcel gets loaded into the shipping container and shipped to the customer’s door. It is possible to watch the video for more information about online fulfillment.


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