Don’t Bother Packing These Three Things for Your Stay in Corporate Housing

Nyc corporate housing

Corporate housing isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, but with the rise of internationalization in business and business’ preferences for relocating highly-valued employees rather than hiring new or outsourcing, it is becoming more common. Corporate housing units are usually furnished apartments for rent that a person can stay in for a longer period of time than they would, say, a hotel room. When a person is packing for staying in temporary corporate housing, it can be hard to judge what to bring and what not to bring. It’s not a permanent move, but it’s not a weekend vacation, either. Here are a few things to keep off of your list of things to pack.

1. Kitchenware
Don’t bother bringing any kitchenware with you to stay in corporate housing. Of course, you’re going to be concerned about how you’re going to eat and cook, but these apartments are generally equipped with a full kitchen complete with stove, oven, and a few minor appliances. Don’t bother packing plates, mugs, or silverware since these are probably going to already be in the unit. What you don’t have but absolutely need, you can judge when you get there.

2. A Month’s Worth of Clothes
The average stay in temporary housing is 88 days, but that does not by any means require you to bring 88 days worth of clothing. Most extended stay corporate housing units have laundry onsite, and some even have laundry services. Just pack a couple weeks worth of clothes and launder them as needed. Make sure to bring clothes that you can layer if the weather is different from where you’re from and something for every occasion — just not too much.

3. Every Tech Accessory You Own
People these days are wary of ever being without their favorite tech devices, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have them in corporate housing. The unit will likely have a land line telephone, a television, and internet access, which are pretty much the basics. Do bring chargers, and a laptop since there probably won’t be a computer in the unit.

Do you have any tips for what people don’t need to bring when they’re staying in extended stay corporate housing? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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