Enjoy Your Vacation Even More–Go Camping with the Entire Family

Camping in sioux falls sd

How many different campgrounds have you visited? If you’re like many individuals that plan fun family vacations, you may even have a map posted in your den or family room where you mark each one of your camping vacations or destinations. Nowadays, however, many families create an online map to track all of their camping trips instead.

If you haven’t been camping yet, but are planning to do so in the near future, you may be interested to know a few details about camping in the United States. Camping is an extremely popular activity. Over 11 million adults and children attend organized camp programs every year. In 2011 alone, 42.5 million people spent time at America’s campgrounds.

Some camp grounds have organized programs that include a variety of activities, including sports and educational hikes. You may be interested to know that hiking is considered to be the most popular camping activity. Other outdoor activities you may encounter at family campgrounds include basketball, miniature golfing, and volleyball.

Depending on the location, family friendly campgrounds usually have several different types of water-based activities. These might include opportunities for boating and swimming as well as playing in water splash parks.

Campers are able to choose different types of lodging, too. While some campers may choose to rough it outdoors, others may stay in tents, rustic cabins, luxury cabins or RVs.

Many children and young adults go camping for the very first time with their fathers. People of all ages enjoying camping. A recent survey by The Outdoor Foundation showed that 14.9% of the campers they interviewed were between the ages of six to 12, and 25.7% of the campers were 17 and younger.

The Outdoor Foundation’s survey also showed that 67% of the participants usually camp in public campgrounds. This is usually because of all of the amenities that are available for campers, such as RV hook-ups and cabins.

Camping is a great way to learn about local history, too. If you decide to visit a Sioux Falls campground, for example, you would discover that the area is named after the Native American tribe, the Sioux. During your stay in Sioux Falls cabins, you would also learn about the Big Sioux River, which is located a few blocks away from the downtown district.

When you stay in Sioux Falls cabins, you will also be able to explore other attractions in this area. If you would prefer staying in tents or RVS rather than Sioux Falls cabins, you can do that as well.

Whether you’re an experienced camper or have just been inspired to add it to your list of vacation activities, there are so many great campgrounds to visit. When planning an upcoming vacation, or series of vacations, remember that camping is a popular family friendly activity.

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