Getting around in the City Alternatives to Attempting Driving

Nyc bus tours

NYC this summer has never had so many excellent options for things to do. The Brooklyn Music Festival happens August 8 ,the Blues BBQ Festival hits on August 22, and HBO’s Bryant Park Summer Film Festival is around until August 24. These are but a tiny sliver of the free attractions to New York City. Transportation services are great for special event bus trips to tour NYC- and offer easy travel option to the many things to do in the city. From Broadway shows, the many museums, and major landmarks, there’s something for everyone.

Getting around in the city has never been so easy-or had so many options. You probably know about most major airlines and the airports that support commercial air services into NYC. JFK, Chicao O’Hare International, Newark Aiport, or LAX or any one of the 374 others probably come to mind. Transportation services such as Delaware Express offer greener and more community friendly alternatives to destination, as well Newark airport transportation service.

Motorcoaches, limos, van, sedan, and town car options are and have been reliable and stylish sources of transportation for some time now. Utlizing motorcoaches for the 12,500 miles a car would ordinarily drive reduces carbon dioxide emissions per automobile by 4.3 tons. Motorcoaches make a great alternative for the group looking for ease of getting to their destination as well as having the most professional services available. You can breathe a little easier with motorcoaches as they have the potential to take 55 cars off the road, which is great news for more environmentally minded folks. Additionally, motorcoaches and other special events transportation services can make planning major life events such as prom or getting to athletic events simple, leaving you free to focus on other details.

Delaware Express is a Delaware based company specializing in transportation services. They offer airport shuttle, town car, motor coach, van, sedan and limousine services for business and leisure travel. Bus trips include single day trips in NYC. Their upcoming days tripsnclude seeing Elena Donne work her magoc on the WNBA Chicago Skye against the New York Liberty and various day trips to New York City. If you or your group are interested in planning a fantastic trip to NYC or the surrounding area, go to for more information.

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