Getting Outdoors to Find Your Camping Style

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When it comes to favorite hobbies and pastimes, everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a good time. Some people play to their strengths in athleticism and coordination by indulging in sports, others escape to nature by hiking and exploring outdoor adventures, while others prefer to unwind with a quiet game of chess or by tucking away into the perfect little reading nook. Whatever the case may be, people are generally often quite adamant about which pastimes are the ultimate ones that should not be missed. But what many people may not realize is that there are ways to combine almost any type of hobby and still manage to get everyone together and enjoying some fresh air in the process.

Camping for every style

Not everyone may claim to be an avid camper, or even have an interest in camping, but there is a perfect camp setting for every type of personality. Camping is largely subjective, which makes it an entirely customizable experience, suitable for anyone, regardless of their perceived or actual compatibility with the great outdoors. Exploring different places to camp is a major factor that affects the ultimate experience. Shady campgrounds near water would be a better fit for someone who doesn’t like to bask in the summer heat, while a quiet trail up a mountain would be ideal for someone truly looking for an escape from the bustle of society and cities.

Find your camp style

When the topic of camping comes up, there are often certain images or ideas that are immediately conjured up. Those who claim to despise camping might be basing their disdain on a tent camping experience that did not fit into their expectations of comfort. But there are plenty of ways to camp. While an adventurous individual may opt to strap a tent or bivy to his or her back, those seeking for a getaway from everyday duties but maybe not from everyday comforts could easily find campgrounds with cabins or even yurts, which would keep you feeling close to nature, but not too close. There are a multitude of ways to customize your campsite to exactly what you want it to be!

Camp trends

While there are many people who do enjoy getting out in nature and going for a good camp experience, it doesn’t have to be some grand or extravagant undertaking. In fact, about 63% of adults who head out to camp stay within 150 miles of their homes. There are, of course, many places worth going to camp to see, such as national parks and natural wonders, but nearly half of adult campers report that the main reason that they take part in the activity is for the act itself. There do seem to be a few trends in relation to the type of camper that heads out and how they intend on enjoying their stays. Campers setting out to camp in recreational vehicles typically stayed the longest, as 13% of them camped for a week or more. About 82% of those who stayed in a cabin or yurt only stayed for a night or two outdoors.

Being a camper can mean whatever you want it to mean. Find your style and customize your trip to enjoy it to the fullest!

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