Golfing Isn’t Just for Scots Anymore! It’s For Everyone Across the Globe

Golf trip packages

The origins of golf aren’t fully understood, but some say it originates with the Dutch game “Kolf,” played on the Netherlands’ frozen canals in the dead of winter with an early predecessor of the modern club and golf ball. Then it’s said Dutch sailors brought this game to the coasts of Scotland, where it found a new lease on life. It even got so popular that King James II banned it in the 1400s on the premise that it was distracting his soldiers!

So it’s perhaps appropriate that serious golf enthusiasts are now traveling the world with golf trip packages that allow them to play the game not just in the great American hotspots, but even in places like Dubai, China, Borneo, Vietnam and Bali! The most exotic and exciting luxury golf vacations take players to some of the most distinctive and fascinating courses around the globe.

Golf trip packages that venture overseas can offer the ultimate luxury golf vacation, with golfing and sightseeing opportunities that simply can’t be had in the United States. Vietnam golf trip packages, for instance, also give players an opportunity to explore and enjoy the numerous festivals (like the Tet New Year Festival) that have made this nation an increasingly popular global tourist destination since the 1990s. And players who take golf trip packages to Borneo won’t want to miss the distinctive wildlife that can be found beyond the greens. Foreign visitors to Borneo are especially fond of visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Center, where up to 80 wild orangutans safely roam an area of over 10,000 acres.

The best golf vacations and golf trip packages in the U.S. may show you some beautiful cities and countryside, and some amazing golf courses, but there’s also a whole world of golfing adventures to pursue overseas. Look into some globetrotting golf trip packages in your price range, and seize this opportunity to see the world while still enjoying the great golfing experience you crave.
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