How the Water Reclamation Process Works – Daily Inbox

using it? What is water reclamation? functions.

Water is pumped down the drain. It gets to your house through a small pipe. It’s collected into an even larger pipe. it is pumped to water reclamation facilities using forces or gravity. The water is then pumped to the plant and then carried to a set of screens that are one-quarter to 1 1/2 inches in size. The screens are able to capture and eliminate any large pieces of debris that water might have collected throughout its journey.

Then the water enters the grit removal process. The speed of water will be slowed so that inorganic substances such as silt and sand can be dissolved. Following the removal of grit, there is first clarification. Any remaining solids get the chance to settle down and be eliminated.

The microorganisms are then used for the breakdown of all the waste remaining in the water. After this comes sand filtration to clean the water. All sludge produced during this process is saved and utilized as fertilizer. After these steps are complete and completed, it’s now time for the water to be returned to its original source.


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