How to Build Exterior Steps – Best Self-Service Movers

One of the first steps in building an exterior staircase is to remove the current staircase. Be sure that the staircase is located in the entranceway in a straight line to the house. The anchor board should be placed against the side of the house. Fix it by using screws. Use a masonry bit to make pilot holes. This ensures the anchors and/or the masonry screws you’re using are all set. It is then time to anchor your anchor board with the brick or concrete.

Next, you need to set the posts by their brackets, and then fastening them to make sure they’re stable. To permit the integration of treads into risers, you will need cut stringer material. Utilize the carpenter’s square or stair gauges. Utilize a bolt to secure the stringer onto the landing at the bottom.

To hang stringers, use a 8-diameter gavanized nail to fix them onto a galvanized nail gun. Then, take a measurement of how far from the riser’s base to the notch. You can then slowly extend the treads. Once you have the risers in place then you can begin building the rail by buying 4×4-inch lumber to make the staircase’s exterior posts, cutting the posts using notches and securing them to the stringers.


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