Not Sure What to Do With Those Broken, Scratched Sunglass Lenses?

Sunglass replacement lenses

There are just too many ways to break your sunglasses. You’re ready to catch the biggest movie of the summer–and you’ve sat on them, cracking the lens. You go to tie your show–and they fall off your face, busting one of the lenses out. You play some frisbee at the beach–and all the flying sand scratches the lenses.

Thankfully, some clever people have figured out what to do in each of these situations. Here are a few of their tips to help remedy the situations, and to keep them from happening again!

Replacing Sunglass Lenses.

First thing you have to do is get replacement lenses. These are usually pretty cheap and readily available both in stores and online. Once you’ve got a set of sunglass lenses replacements, get a bowl of warm water. You want to warm the frames up before you replace sunglass lenses, because it makes them easier to work with. Then, twist and bend them gently to get the old lenses out. Rewarm the glasses up before you try to put the replacement lenses in. Then, put the new replacement lenses in at the bottom and work them in along the edges. Test to make sure they won’t fall out, and you’re set!

Fix Scratched Sunglass Lenses.

Don’t know how to fix scratched sunglasses? No problem. Make a paste with two parts baking soda, and one part water. Apply it onto the lenses with a cotton ball, let it set for about a minute, and then wash it off. Clean the glasses to make sure it’s all gone, and there you have it.

Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again.

Now, make sure you don’t need to buy more replacement lenses or re-buff them by purchasing a couple accessories. First of all, get some sunglass straps. While they have been dorky in the past, sunglass straps have actually come back into fashion. Plus, they’re cheap. Secondly, get a good case for them. While most shades come with a huge, bulky (but effective) case, they’re not exactly efficient. Instead, find a soft shell case that can fit in your pocket. Buying accessories is cheaper and easier than having to replacement lenses and put them back in, after all.

Hopefully now you’ll never need to worry about your shades ever again! If you have any questions about putting replacement lenses in or fixing scratches, feel free to ask in the comments. Find more.

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