Ready for a New Camping Adventure? Wisconsin!

Camp grounds in

In 2010, 40 million people went camping, making a total of 515 million outings, and those numbers are growing. The next year, in 2011, 42.5 million people went camping. People obviously love to camp and to go on camping vacations, and campgrounds in Wisconsin are some of America?s most beautiful sites.

Camping is a great way to reconnect and spend time with friends and family, and campers do just that on 70% of their trips. When choosing a family vacation, family camping is one of the most popular choices in the U.S.? in 2011, Americans spent more than 500 million days camping. That?s a lot of Americans spending a lot of time together, camping.

Campers tend to participate in multiple outdoor activities, in fact 87% of campers said they were involved in at least more than one outdoor activity. Among camping activities, hiking is the most popular; 92% of all campers said they hiked. Some of the loveliest trails you?ll ever find are on campgrounds in Wisconsin.

In a survey done, 86% of respondents said they did tent camping, making it the most popular form of camping. Cabin camping was second most popular with 33% of respondents choosing it as their preferred way to camp and backcountry and backpacking came in third with 30%. The fourth most popular way to camp (26% of respondents) was at a drive-up campsite, RV camping received 24%, a good, homey 11% camped in the backyard, 8% said they slept under the stars (but don?t all campers, really?), and 2% actually sleep in a yurt. A yurt!

The length of camping trips often depend on the type of camping being done. Tent campers (the largest group of campers), tend go on one or two night outings, while people who RV camp tend to go on the longest outings, with 28% of them camping for five or more nights each trip. Campgrounds in Wisconsin can accommodate either kind of camper ? and all those in between.

Each year, the average camper goes on five camping trips, and travels an average of 191 miles from home to camping sites. If you are going to be doing that much traveling, why not go see other states, other landscapes. Sure, the campground near you is gorgeous, but it is time for something new; new trails, new vistas. If you have never visited before, campgrounds in Wisconsin provide all that and more. And even if you have been in Wisconsin camping, seasonal camping choices mean you will still see something new.

So what are you waiting for? Load up the packs and hit the road. New experiences await you.

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