Reasons to Use a Charter Plane Service

Charter aircraft services

Aircraft charter services offer the ability to fly out of more than 5,000 public airports, which is 100 times more than that of airlines. Air charter is a safe mode of transportation that is both convenient and comfortable. By choosing a private jet charters company, you have more freedom when it comes to flight details, where you sit, and are able to be closer to your final destination because the plane is able to fly into smaller airports.

Business Travelers
The average business aircraft passenger takes about 15 business trips in six months, which includes travel by air. While they are in the air, these business travelers aboard aircraft dedicate their time to work related tasks: 36% of time is spent meeting with colleagues and 30% is spent doing individual work tasks. While on the charter plane service, you and your colleagues will enjoy privacy you will not get on commercial airlines. This is especially helpful when working on important negotiations or deals that should not been interrupted. Furthermore, the increased privacy will keep your company business private from potential competitors, or any others who should not overhear the intricate details of your company.

Another reason to use a private aircraft charter is to skip the long lines at the airport. Business travelers on a charter service do not have to go through the long lines and traditional airport procedure. This can save you hours off of your travel time, making you more productive or being able to spend more time with you family beforehand.

Individual Travelers
Individual travelers also benefit from private jet charters as well. While traveling on a charter service you can carry on more items than a commercial flight would allow. There are no liquid, size, or weight limits to your carry on luggage, making it easier to pack all the necessities without paying extra money. Furthermore, there is a much shorter walk when using private charter jets. You do not have to worry about walking miles through a crowded airport.

While traveling with a private charter service, you will experience superior quality which include, luxury furnishings, your preferred food and drinks, and individualized attention. Whether you are a business traveler or an individual traveler, private jet charters can be tailored to your need while enjoying the convenience and and privacy you deserve.

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