Spend Some Quality Family Time Around the Campfire

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For some people, the difficult part of going on a family vacation is finding the time to take off from work or house projects. For others, it might be a struggle to get the family all in one place at one time long enough to remember how to enjoy each other’s company. But for those who do manage to get everyone together, get all of the supplies packed up, get on the road, and find that perfect destination, they will tell you that it is all worth it. And if that destination happens to include tents or campers or camp resorts, all the better. Getting back to nature while spending quality time with the family? It doesn’t get more priceless than that.

Family camping trips make the perfect family vacations
Yes, there are plenty of wonderful places to go and things to see for family vacations. Visiting new cities, riding all the rides at an amusement park, exploring popular attractions and sites. But all of those things can also be done on a family camping trip, with the added excitement of hikes turned hide and seek, sleeping under the stars to the tune of crickets and owls, fishing and other water adventures on a lake or river, and cooking over a fire. Not everyone would identify as an outdoor enthusiast, but everyone does have some element of nature in them that feels connected on some level when they are in the great outdoors. There is so much to learn and experience that cannot be learned from a textbook or from within the confines of a city, and experiencing those lessons out in nature alongside your family is the perfect way to go about it.

Family camping activities
While a good 47% of adult campers set out on a camping trip for the sheer enjoyment of camping, many others participate in the outdoor slumber party for additional reasons, like the myriad of outdoor activities that beg to be experienced. Many campers enjoy hunting, fishing, and hiking, among other things. About 87% of people who camp also end up participating in more than one outdoor adventure or activity, which is not surprising. Many ideal camping spots lend themselves nicely to these types of adventures, and many campgrounds offer great activities on top of that. For the family more into sports, there are campgrounds that are fully equipped with volleyball courts, and sometimes even tennis or basketball courts, or golfing, be it mini or disc.

There is never a better time to go than now. About 85% of campers say that they took their very first camping trip before the age of 15. And in general, the chances of being introduced to the wonderful outdoor activity diminished significantly if one had not gone by that age. While about 57% of adult campers were regularly participating in outdoor fun as kids, only about 25% of adults who had never been camping had significant exposure to outdoor activities as children. So get yourself and your kids outside. Have an amazing camping trip.

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