The Biggest Barrier To Leisure Travel Affects Both Millennials And Gen Xers How To Book Cheap Flights

Cheap flights

Nobody likes booking flights. They’re expensive, choking with options and always potentially leaving you in the position of a delayed arrival or cramped seating. What’s there to even like?

Let’s move away from apprehension and take a look at what you can really get out of the deal. Cheap flights don’t have to be a chore and flying internationally today has never been more affordable or more comfortable. Sadly, there are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to booking an airline. Many people find themselves missing out on the experience of a lifetime because they’re just not sure if the cost will balance out (or outweigh) the price of admission. If you’re new to cheap flights, or have simply not dipped your toes in discount travel for a while, you’ll want to keep reading.

First things first…there are way too many misconceptions about the nature of a good flight. The first one is that there is no such thing as a cheap flight and every single trip you take in the airline is going to put you out of pocket. Not true! Cheap flights come in all sorts of handy packages and specials, with discounts available at certain times of year and some countries offering more competitive deals than others. If you’ve considered cheap flights to Bangkok, but just haven’t worked up the courage, another cursory glance at what international airlines have to offer could change your mind.

Another misconception is that people just don’t fly anymore unless it’s strictly for business or moving purposes. Also untrue! While eco-friendly modes of transportation is certainly seeing a rise in use over the past few years, particularly within cities or across states, there is still a lot to gain from commercial flights. Commercial airlines carried over three and a half billion passengers back in 2016, raking in a stunning global revenue of $500 billion. The same year saw around 215 million air traffic passengers either traveling to or from the United States. How’s that for people’s choice?

Vacations aren’t always easy to take. You can feel guilty when you still have work to look forward to days later, which is nothing to say of seeing hundreds of your hard-earned dollars going to a flight alone. Thankfully, cheap flights ensure you can rest easy on your way out of the country. A good vacation can stimulate the mind, relax your heart rate and even bolster your relationship. A recent survey found four out of 10 travelers stating they feel more romantic on vacation. Another survey saw the vast majority of respondents at 95% stating vacation time is very important to them. But what constitutes a good break?

Today’s travelers tend to put more emphasis on experiences than tradition. A survey asking Millennials about what matters most to them when investing in budget travel saw 75% stating they would much rather spend their money on experiences than material things. Sadly, around 50% of Millennials and Gen Xers say cost is still their biggest barrier to leisure travel. What are ways you can circumvent these issues while still getting those warm memories and fun times under your belt? Cheap flights have the solution.

These tips will help make your stay more pleasant and more affordable. While Europe is a popular choice for many, Latin America is both popular and cheaper the majority of the time. Most countries that offer visa-free or visa-upon-entra travel will usually grant a maximum stay of three months. For those that love to party, keep in mind you can bring alcohol on your way back, but it needs to fit a certain criteria. Alcohol that is more than 70% alcohol content, for example, will usually not be allowed in the airport.

Make this the year booking flights is something to look forward to, rather than dread.

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