The Long-Term Healthcare Impacts of Substandard Housing – Bright Healthcare

It is important to treat the problem as quickly as you can. Additionally, if you’re experiencing or have any other health issues that you suspect could be related to mold or mildew, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as you can.
Higher Risk of Lung Cancer

Did you know that dust particles from fireplaces have been linked to cancer of the lung, according to the EPA? Unfortunately, many low-quality homes aren’t equipped with clean-burning fireplaces, which can put the inhabitants at greater chance of developing lung cancer. Insufficient ventilation could lead to the formation of toxic chemicals as well as toxins, increasing the chance of being diagnosed with lung cancer. If you’re in a the substandard area of your home, you should to set up a carbon-monoxide detector and make sure your house is properly ventilated.

A home that is properly ventilated or rental will help decrease the likelihood of getting lung cancer. If you have the option of a fireplace, it’s crucial to ensure it’s burning cleanly and it’s free of any debris. Also, it’s crucial to put in a carbon monoxide detector in the home and keep it up to date. To get advice on how you can protect yourself from harmful chemical or toxic substances, speak to your physician right away.

Greater risk of poisoning with lead

One of the most serious risks to health in substandard dwellings is the threat from lead poisoning. The chances are high that the paint that you’ve used in your house contains lead. Lead poisoning may occur as dust or paint chips are inhaled. Lead poisoning can cause serious illnesses, like brain damage, anemia, kidney diseaseand the death. If you’re living in unsanitary living conditions, you should test the house for lead. You should also call an expert lead removal service should the test come back positive. Don’t put your health at danger, instead contact a professional lead removal company in the event that you believe there is lead in your home.

There are many illnesses that are a cause for concern.


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