This LED Lantern Could Revolutionize Your Next Camping Trip

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It’s every camper’s nightmare: while going tent camping with kids, you manage to nestle into the perfect sleeping position in your warm sleeping bag, only to realize you forgot to turn off the tent’s lantern.

But soon, you may never have to confront this nightmare ever again during your future visits to your favorite campgrounds.

According to a January 26 Mashable article, the new Lightwave Amp lantern from Brunton allows for a much comfier camping experience with its remote-controlled technology. Even more incredible? The lantern can pair with your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, meaning you can turn the light on and off from an app installed on your smartphone.

When we use our smartphones for almost everything, from their alarm clocks to their flashlights, there’s nothing more convenient than this when it comes to camping life.

If the Lightwave Amp’s smartphone compatibility wasn’t enough to convince you to replace your old camping lantern, you might be happy to learn that the lantern boasts a 21,000 mAh battery. The battery is so big that it can charge all your other devices through its three built-in USB ports, Mashable reports.

The Lightwave Amp can even act as a portable wireless speaker — since it does connect with your phone via Bluetooth, after all. And if you like to bring the party to your campgrounds, the lantern’s LED lights can change colors and flash along in sync with the beat of your music.

These features might not be absolutely necessary for surviving in the great outdoors — but they do make going on a camping excursion a little more entertaining.

What are your thoughts on the Brunton Lightwave Amp lantern? Share your thoughts with us — or ask us any questions about visiting campgrounds and going on camping trips that you have — in the comments below! Helpful info also found here. More.

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