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uld know the kinds of pipe fittings on purchase, and their pros and cons making it easier to choose the most suitable one. You can find all the alternatives in this YouTube video, “Pipe Fittings used in plumbing Systems The Basic Plumbing Fittings to Utilized in House”.

Pipe fittings link pipes that are the same size or differing in sizes so that the house’s piping system will function correctly. The fittings are used to regulate how liquids flow and there are a myriad of types that builders can pick from. It is recommended that the material used for fittings is the identical to the rest of the pipes. The material used for fittings should be suitable for liquids that flow well and strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Most fittings can be made out of copper or brass. There are various types of fittings. A common one is the elbow fitting. It allows for the redirection of the flow of liquid. Elbow fittings are offered at angle of between 90 or 45 degrees. The fittings are threaded or welded to the pipes.

To learn more about the diverse types of pipe fittings, can view the remainder in the film.


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