What Do Estate Planning Attorneys Do for Clients? – Maine’s Finest


Are you wondering about the attorneys who specialize in estate planning can do for their clients, here’s what you should know.

Estate planning not only involves creating a strategy for when an individual dies but also for if they’re incapacitated or disabled. A lawyer who is involved in estate planning can help the client decide the best course of action should they find themselves in a circumstance that they are unable to represent themselves. This involves outlining their wishes to distribute the wealth and assets they have and those who make crucial healthcare decisions for them. In the absence of putting these plans into an orderly manner, the courts or the state may decide these issues for you, which you may not approve of their choices.

Living trusts, pour-over or will, financial power of attorney and medical directives are all necessary documents to plan your estate. These documents explain exactly what will be the appropriate decisions and who can decide if they are unable to express yourself properly.

Estate planning is essential in ensuring your assets and health is taken care of in the future. It is easier by working with an estate planning lawyer.


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