What Exactly Are Polarized Replacement Lenses?

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A warm summer breeze leaps through the open window as your cruise to the beach to meet up with your best friends after a long day in the office. Though you’d love to enjoy the sunset, you have to pay attention to the road. Plus, the computer screen has completely wearied your eyes.

Almost there, you take a left and suddenly it’s like you’ve gone blind. White light stabs at you through your eyelids. You’re heading west now, and the sun is at the perfect angle for its light to reflect off of all the cars in front of you creating a tear-jerking wall of glare.

This wouldn’t have been a problem though if you’d only upgraded your shades with polarized replacement lenses.

You see, light comes at us in all directions. Whether it’s transmitted, reflected, or scattered, the light is polarized when its vibrations are aligned in more than one direction. Polarized replacement lenses have a special filter that only passes the light that doesn’t match it’s orientation, meaning it blocks out horizontal light, like glare.

Obviously if there’s no blinding glare you won’t be, well, blinded, but that’s not the only reason polarized replacement lenses can make it easier for you to see.

First of all, even just a little a bit of glare can strain your eyes. When your eyes become overtaxed, your vision starts to blur, your eyes get tired, and you just can’t see as well. If it gets bad enough, eye strain can also cause severe headaches, and pain in the neck, back and shoulders.Secondly, polarized replacement lenses also increase the contrast you see. This makes colors look more bold and bright.

Between the elimination of glare, the reduction of eye strain, and the enhancement of contrast, polarized replacement lenses not only make it easier to see in bright sunlight, but make the wearer’s vision even better.

The next time you need to replace sunglass lenses, don’t get just any pair of sunglass replacement lenses. Get replacement polarized lenses. If you have any questions about replacing sunglass lenses with polarized replacement lenses, feel free to ask in the comments.