What to Do When Facing a DUI – New York State Law

In the event of DUI could result in jail time, fines, community service the license may be suspended.

Drunk driving is still an everyday crime despite the severe penalties. According to drunkdrivingprevention.com, nearly 1.5 million yearly arrests relate to intoxicated driving. If you’re arrested for driving while impaired it is essential to get legal advice from an experienced lawyer. A DUI lawyer is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience related to the particular situation. The first DUI conviction could result in the enactment of a fine or community service hours. However, if you’ve experienced an additional or third DUI incident, you should consider enrolling in getting a treatment plan instead of returning to the road.

Another aspect you might want to be aware of is: did you get a ticket for DUI? You will be issued with a ticket or summons for DUI as well as a court date. Furthermore, there are even serious charges with DUI and no license. It is possible to be charged with two crimes if you get a DUI when driving with no license. There will be charges for driving under the influence and driving without a licence. es6dntfrth.

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