Why Camping Is One Of The Best Activities For Children During The Summer


There’s no need to be worried about kid friendly vacations this summer. The world is your oyster to find the most engaging theme parks and inviting attractions. From camping to hiking to swimming, there are a ton of ways to make the most out of the hot weather and give your kids plenty to do alongside teaching them new and involving hobbies. Need some ideas to help you get started? Multiple surveys have been conducted to ask parents what they think about camping as well as their favorite locations and activities.

Do Kids Like Camping?

Absolutely! While today’s modern world causes many kids to be glued to their computer or phone screens, camping has remained popular over the decades for a reason. It’s a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, offering a plethora of enjoyable activities that can get out your kid’s pent-up energy and shake up the droll humdrum of weeks and weeks of schoolwork. The 2014 American Camper Report showed 40 million Americans, or 14% of the entire country’s population over the age of six, camping just the previous year.

What Are Fun Activities For Kids?

Make sure to find a happy balance between asking your kids what they like to do while still exposing them to some new activities. After all, they could have a favorite hobby just waiting to be discovered! A cabin rental or campground can provide a comfortable ‘home base’, so to speak, as you go back and forth between spending time with family and exploring the less-traveled woodland trail. Kid friendly vacations often include swimming, kayaking, fishing and hiking. You can even bring some sports equipment and have a game of volleyball on the beach!

What Do Kids Learn From Camping?

Not only is camping incredibly fun, it teaches kids essential life skills to prepare them for the future. A study conducted by the Institute Of Education at Plymouth University saw an overwhelming majority of parents at 98% saying camping helps their children better appreciate nature, with another 95% saying their kids were much happier when out camping. Helping children learn about plant life, such as what and what not to touch, as well as everyday animals can help them become more aware, more cautious and more appreciative of the world they live in.

What Are Good Locations To Choose From?

There are plenty of places to choose from when looking for kid friendly vacations. For those that plan their trips at least a month in advance (which totals around 40% of all campers), Lake George has plenty of fun activities to offer your children. Boating and swimming can provide some relief in the hot weather, while the nearby culture can be fun to unwind at the end of a long day. Mount Marcy is the highest peak in New York, reaching 5,344 feet in total, and campgrounds can be found just about anywhere.

How Do I Create A Fun Vacation For My Kids?

Camping is fun, healthy and incredibly addicting. Plymouth University saw 95% of parents agreeing their kids appeared much happier after a nice vacation, improving their mental wellness and instilling them with useful life skills. Nearly 60% of campers also participated in regular outdoor activities as children, while just one-third of non-participants doing the same, making camping a hobby that is as much learned as it is adopted. Choosing a fun location, creating an activity plan and preparing in advance will go a long way in making this summer the best one you’ve had yet.

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