Why you Should Charter a Bus for your next Trip

Bus travel increased by over seven percent in 2011, making it the fastest growing form of transportation in the United States. In fact, buses’ ubiquity and affordability mean that they will move more people per year than airplanes. While this may seem surprising, bus travel is one of the earliest forms of transport, with horse-drawn buses being used as early as the 1820’s and streetcars being a mainstay of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bus Travel is Good for the Environment

Buses reach over 200 passenger miles per gallon, making them some of the most energy-efficient forms of transport. In fact, a full motorcoach (or coach used for long-distance travel) is equivalent to over 50 automobiles being removed from the road. Motorcoaches in particular are particularly fuel efficient, with three times less carbon emissions than commuter trains.

Buses can take you Nearly Anywhere

Bus terminals are also more common than airports and train stations, meaning that trips to out of the way places are easier than ever. This is especially good news for rural residents and those on intercity trips, as buses can go where airplanes and trains cannot.

Bus Travel is Economical

Motorcoaches equate to about 6 cents in federal subsidies per passenger, meaning that it’s also the most affordable way to travel. On average, a rental bus or bus ticket costs less than going by train or by air, meaning that trips are significantly easier to budget.

Bus Travel is Good for a Group

Over half of all people who travel by bus are groups of students or seniors, and it’s easy to see why: a charter bus is perfect for moving a large group all at once and allows passengers to socialize and form special bonds. On a rental bus in particular, groups have the freedom to move about safely, to stop for photo opportunities, and to enjoy themselves without bothering others.

Motorcoach travel is on the rise across the United States, and with the increasing focus on charter bus’ affordability, accessibility, and sustainability, it makes sense why bus travel is becoming the transportation of choice for many Americans. Booking a chartered bus for your next family reunion or tour group may actually be the best choice for your next long distance trip.

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