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Finding an Convenient Airplane Hangar Rental

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Even though the word “aviation” was first used by a French naval officer named Gabriel La Landelle in 1873, the first powered flight of an aircraft has been attributed to the Wright Brothers’ flight of 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Despite French resentment towards the Wright Brothers’ accomplishment, the Federation Aeronautique Internationale officially recognized the Kitty Hawk flight as the first sustained motorized flight of an aircraft.

Although the Wright Brothers’ three-second flight was modest, from that point on the advances in aircraft technology was fast and furious. Only a decade later, airplanes were already flying combat missions during World War I; and by the 1930s, the Germans would introduce the first jet. As most people know, battle aircraft played huge roles during WWII, from

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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day on a Party Bus

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Want to mix things up this St. Patrick’s Day? Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a Shamrock Shake and green beer — year after year — can get a little old. Change things up this year by renting a party bus for St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

How to Get Started

Limo and party bus rentals open up all kinds of possibilities this St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate by taking friends and family on a scenic tour, safely make the rounds through local bars, or tour a handful of your favorite breweries. Whatever you decide to do, count on well-lit interiors, hardwood dance floors, elegant leather seating, surround sound systems, flat-screen televisions, and DVD players — all right on board. Most party buses, especially those seating 20 passengers or more, also include a fully stocke

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