Celebrate St Patrick’s Day on a Party Bus

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Want to mix things up this St. Patrick’s Day? Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a Shamrock Shake and green beer — year after year — can get a little old. Change things up this year by renting a party bus for St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

How to Get Started

Limo and party bus rentals open up all kinds of possibilities this St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate by taking friends and family on a scenic tour, safely make the rounds through local bars, or tour a handful of your favorite breweries. Whatever you decide to do, count on well-lit interiors, hardwood dance floors, elegant leather seating, surround sound systems, flat-screen televisions, and DVD players — all right on board. Most party buses, especially those seating 20 passengers or more, also include a fully stocked bar and a bathroom.

Before committing to renting, hosts should finalize arrangements. In order to get an accurate quote on party bus rental costs, make sure you know event dates, times, and an estimated number of guests attending. Party bus rentals prices will also depend on whether you plan to serve alcohol, bring your own, and/or tour breweries. Renters may be able to take advantage of packaged rates (for breweries), or rent buses at discounted rates Monday through Thursday.

Your St. Patrick’s Day Party Planning Checklist

St. Patrick’s Day party planning is, first and foremost, all about the food. Consider providing bringing your own food onto the bus. This is likely to be cheaper — and you can more easily tailor food choices when you bring your own. Keep things festive. Prepare green chocolate chip cookies. Serve green beer with a meal of corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and traditional stews. Bring festive decorations, and consider whether you’d like to play Irish music or opt for something a little less traditional.

Do something different this St. Patrick’s Day. Bring your decorations, foods, and drinks onto a party bus — and celebrate with friends while driving through the city, stopping by different bars, or touring top local breweries. More like this.

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