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A Holiday of Fun, Fitness, and Learning?

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Of all of the places that families typically visit for holiday — theme parks, water parks, cities, etc. — family camping vacations are some of the most popular in America. Collectively, about 534.9 million days were spent camping by American families in 2011. Camping is becoming more and more popular because it is so multifaceted. It combines fitness, learning, and recreation into a memorable experience.

The stereotypical image of a camping trip is a group of friends pitching a canvas tent in the woods. Believe it or not, this isn’t the only way to camp. There are several of forms of camping that exist, including:

Backpacking: hiking while carrying gear on one’s back,

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Getting around in the City Alternatives to Attempting Driving

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NYC this summer has never had so many excellent options for things to do. The Brooklyn Music Festival happens August 8 ,the Blues BBQ Festival hits on August 22, and HBO’s Bryant Park Summer Film Festival is around until August 24. These are but a tiny sliver of the free attractions to New York City. Transportation services are great for special event bus trips to tour NYC- and offer easy travel option to the many things to do in the city. From Broadway shows, the many museums, and major landm

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A Beautiful Wedding Awaits You at Your Favorite Beachfront

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While beachfront vacations have long been the norm the more than 20% of travelers who say a “stunning view” is one of their biggest requirements for traveling to a destination, today even more and more brides are selecting a beachfront wedding as well. The choice of a destination wedding, which is now the choice of 15% of all couples, has been growing in popularity for several reasons. From everything to simply sending a Save the Date card no later than six to eight months before the date, to having the opportunity to share a beautiful waterfront view with your guests, a beachfront wedding will provide you with a lifetime of memories of your special day

Whether you decide to venture across the country for one of the popular outer banks weddings venues or you decide to invite your guests to travel to Cali

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4 Tips for Camping With Kids

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Camping with kids can be tricky. There’s so much to keep track of and plan for, plus trying to make sure your family has a great time and enjoys the outdoors. Family camping vacations have become a popular choice for American families due to their affordability and the need to ‘disconnect’ from a society that is becoming increasingly more connected. In 2011 alone campers spent a total of 534 million days at campgrounds. Read on for some tips to streamline your family camping trip.


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