The Top Three Tourist Destinations in Monrovia, Liberia

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Did you know that Liberia holds 40% of the rainforests of West Africa? Its National Park, Sapo, has been named one of the top 261 natural wonders of the world. South Africa’s famous leader, Nelson Mandela, was actually born in Liberia. Today, Liberia is a popular country for tourism for people from around the world. Often, people choose to stay in or near its capital, Monrovia. There are several choices for luxury villas in the area. What, exactly, can you do in this vibrant region? Here are three things worth checking out.

1. Masonic Temple

The Grand Lodge of Liberia was established in 1867 by the freed slaves who returned to Africa from America. By the 1970s, the majority of Liberia’s high rank officials were also free masons. Their power came toppling down in the 1980s, though, after a coup and civil war led to the Masonic Order being destroyed, and the ruins becoming the scene of many battles. Today, though, there are plans to remodel the lodge, and visiting the ruins of this once important building is often a first stop for visitors.

2. Waterside Market

If you want a taste of a traditional Liberian/African market, this is the place to go. You will find a ton of vendors and customers here, and the sidewalks and stores will be stuffed to the brim with everything from tasty produce to unique and colorful clothing and textiles. Rainbow colored umbrellas shield stands from the sun and rain. Afua Entshuah, a student at Harvard Kennedy School, notes that she felt safe at this market.

3. Monkey Islands

The monkey islands are located about an hour and a half outside Monrovia, and it is six different islands that are home to different chimpanzee groups. The New York Blood Center conducted experiments on the apes in 1974 and, though the experiments are over, has continued to pay for the animals to be fed. Visitors can ride with the caretakers who are feeding them and checking on their status. You will cross the river by dugout and you can even help feed the chimps bananas.

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