Three Cool Alternative Things to Do in London

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Why would you ever not want package holidays in London-the place America’s founding fathers hailed from, where the Magna Carta was written, where The Beatles, The Clash and Def Leopard all came from? Is it any wonder that Forbes ranks London as the second most visited city in the entire world during 2013? After all, according to London Loves Business, its hospitality industry will grow by 1.8% during 2013, a good sign for potential tourists.

By taking advantage of package holidays, which consist of transport and accommodations being sold together along with possible other amenities such as rental cars, activities and outings, tourists have the chance to discover what makes London truly great. Tourists can stay at one of the estimated 70,000 three to five star hotels throughout London, experience the estimated 12,000 restaurants throughout central London, and bask in the city’s rich history at places like the Museum of London, which is the largest urban history museum in the whole world.

After booking package holidays and touching down in London Heathrow Airport, which is the world’s busiest airport in regards to international passenger traffic, you’ll wonder why you never came sooner. You’re sure to have the chance to hit up many of the most popular tourist attractions in London via the package holidays, but what about some other, lesser known attractions? Here’s a few fun things to do while taking advantage of package holidsays in London that are off the beaten track!

Go on a hunt for the world-famous street artist Banksy!

Chances are you’ll never find the infamous street artist known for his tongue-in-cheek, satirical graffiti, whose wit rivals even Voltaire’s. However, he’s left his artwork all around London (and the world for that matter), so finding his work will be easier than finding the man.

Camden Lock Market

While unknown to most tourists, this trendy spot in London is popular with many tourists looking for the most in vogue, alternative and retro fashions. With buildings covered in magnificent, brightly painted sculptures, the spot has been popular with counter-culturalists since the days of The Clash, who used to actually stomp around the area and reference it in songs like “The Prisoner.”

Location hunt!

British TV has become incredibly popular in the States with such hits as Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther, Being Human, and The Office. Touring the city with package holidays deals gives tourists the chance to see where the shows were not only shot, but also to snag some authentic merchandise. It’s even possible to check out genuine props from various sets, such as one of the models used as the Doctor’s TARDIS.

Booking package holidays are great experiences for the whole family. With package holidays, you can get cheap hotels in Central London, and have more spending money for things that you really want to do. With Christmas around the corner, many travel companies will start offering holiday deals on holiday packages. If you have any questions about package holidays, or about things to do in London, feel free to ask in the comments!

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