Worried About Getting Lost in London? Use Our Tips for an Easier Trip

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Visiting London and doing the city justice in your adventures is incredibly difficult. London covers 607 square miles, according to Google Maps. Within that incredible area, there are countless museums, 300 theatres, and over 130,000 hotel rooms, according to BBC News. As a matter of sheer size, getting around London and choosing the best things to give your attention is a tall order for anyone. If you’re planning a trip to the Big Smoke, consider our tips for a better trip before making hotel reservations.

  1. Do Something a Little Different
  2. As Lonely Planet shows, there are far too many things to see in London to spend your time worrying about seeing all the tourist traps. If you want to truly enjoy your trip to England’s capital, try doing something off the beaten path. For example, along the River Thames there is a 294 kilometer pathway, stretching through the best parts of the city, including Westminster, Camden Town, and others. When you consider that many of the best hotels in London, those in Camden Town and Victoria, are just a stone’s throw from the path, you can see that this is one of the most accessible ways to see the city.

  3. Seeing the Sights Doesn’t Mean Spending Money
  4. According to The Daily Mail, London is the sixth most expensive city on the planet. Even so, it’s also a haven for some really exciting attractions that don’t cost a thing. Visit London suggests travelers head to Goldsmiths Hall, an art gallery, or have a picnic in Greenwich Park to have fun in London Town without paying any of its infamously high prices.

  5. Be Smart About the Subways
  6. Anthony Bourdain, a chef and writer known for his world travels, writes that using the tubes, subways, in London can be better than using taxis or driving to places by yourself, but you need to observe proper Londoner etiquette. Being rude or pushy is a great way to provoke a violent conflict. Further, if you don’t want to pay high rush-hour prices for the tube, use it after 9am for cheaper tickets. Just like any other city in the world, the tubes in London can be both dangerous and expensive if used improperly. Take Bourdain’s words to heart to avoid both issues.

  7. Learn Some of the Local Lingo
  8. Learning some British slang is a great way to expedite your hotel search, make friends, and avoid any unpleasant situations in the Big Smoke. For example, as Effing Pot, a guide to British slang for Americans, writes, if someone tells you that you’re acting a bit “cheeky,” they’re trying to explain that you’re being flippant or overly sarcastic.

  9. Find Great Hotel Rooms
  10. With well over 100,000 hotel rooms on offer, London’s guests don’t hurt for choice. However, with prices ranging from affordable to exorbitant and quality ranging from dodgy to amazing, you’ll need to choose hotel rooms with care. As Money Saving Expert suggests, one of the best ways to find great hotel rooms is by using hotel search engines. Using Kayak, for example, will let you compare prices and reviews from the most popular hotel searches, making choosing hotel rooms easier.

If you’re heading to London, for business or pleasure, then hopefully these tips will be helpful. Just remember, London isn’t just about expense or tourist traps. Using these five tips, you’ll see that it’s so much more. For more information, read this website.

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